Saturday, May 06, 2017

Life Lately

I'm really phoning it in here on the 'ole blog, lately. I'm afraid that may be a portent of things to come; I just don't have a lot to say when it doesn't revolve around raising kids, apparently. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself once the nest is officially empty, but I sure as shit hope it's blog-worthy because this space is important to me and I really don't want it to fall by the wayside.

First world problems, right?

Anyhoodle, life lately has revolved around accomplishing the goal of emptying my nest. The Cub has finished sending out his graduation announcements...

...and the planning for the party that we are co-hosting with Trace and Mikey's families is well underway (think: giant inflatable slide and adult-sized inflatable hamster balls for running an obstacle course in, not to mention good food).

As I've mentioned in a previous post (or two), baseball is almost over; Queen B traveled with me to the last one to watch her brother play for the last time.

Lots of changes have taken place at Day Job, including the resignations of several of my favorite co-workers. We gathered together at a local brew-pub for a goodbye dinner not long ago, and, one of my friends ordered this cheese and sausage board...

...I am now determined to recreate it for Porch Night, which, will start happening again here soon. The weather has warmed (hopefully for good) and I am planing to spend the rest of the weekend getting the porch hosed down and organized for entertaining.

But, first, I am off to the Cub's final home game. I have my last batch of Gatorblox ready to go and I am planning to get a team picture of the boys for the slideshow that I am working on for the end of the season ice cream social that the coach always hosts.

And, that's pretty much life lately.

Hanging in, holding on, and letting go. That's the theme of the day.

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