Saturday, May 20, 2017

Party On, Garth. Party On, Wayne

Wayne's World reference! Who's with me?

Yes, I'm old, thank you for noticing. Please also notice the kick-ass pre-graduation party that I threw for the Cub and his friends today. And, by me, I mean, me, Mikey's family, Trace's family, my mother, the inflatable slide guy, and everyone else who pitched in to help.

It really does take a village, y'all.

Anyhoodle, on to the party as told in pictures, because, in addition to throwing this rager, I also attended two additional parties and got to spend some quality time with Phoebe, whose niece is graduating from Hooterville tomorrow; I am exhausted. I have no more words!

Ok, three more words: Tomorrow, he graduates.


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