Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Spring Bucket List in Review

Can you believe it is almost June? Neither can I; the last three months went by in a blink, a really, really busy blink. I'm looking forward to a much slower pace throughout the summer (I know, who am I kidding, right?).

When I look back at my Spring Bucket List, it's easy to see why I was so busy. I can also say that I did better on this list than I have done on previous lists, so, there's that, I guess. Anyhoodle, on to the review.

1. Pull together an adult team for the annual ASTRA St. Patrick's Day Dodge Ball Tournament. Nailed it! We got our asses handed to us by the teenagers, but, we participated, and, we had fun doing it.

2. Complete the Man-Cub's applications for housing and scholarships, and register him for classes. Done (holy $$$, Batman!). Done (won a $1,000 American Legion Scholarship!). Done (full course load!).

3. Attend and enjoy all of the Cub's baseball games. Duh. Have we met? Of course I nailed this one.

4. Help make the Cub's sober grad party the best ever. With the help of my fellow high-achiever moms, we not only nailed this one, we double-nailed it.

5. Make it a point to enjoy every single one of the "lasts" that the end of the school year throws my way. I did this. I may have gotten teary-eyed at several events, but, I enjoyed the hell out of every one of them.

6. Throw the best senior sports banquet the school has ever seen. Oh, man, did BCPE and I ever achieve this one! The balloon arches! The slideshow! The food! It was all amazing and memorable and I would ho back and relive it a hundred times. Ok, maybe not a hundred, but, yeah, nailed it!

7. Continue my quest to have the best beach body I can by vacation time. Oh, Lord, let's not even talk about this one. Epic fail! In my defense, I had a lot of other things going on, as evidenced by the rest of this list. Still, yikes, total bust.

8. Make it through the Cub's graduation with out having a mental breakdown and throw him the best graduation party that I can. All of the energy that didn't go into my bikini body went into this goal. Nailed it! Didn't need medication or hospitalization in the mental ward, so, success!!

9. Make it a point to do some fun events outside of the events surrounding the Cub's senior year. I did manage to spend some fun time at a barn sale with Kortni, and, I got to see Phoebe briefly, so, I at least attempted this. I know I can do better, thought, so, expect to see something related to this on the Summer Bucket List.

Speaking of the Summer Bucket List, look for that tomorrow. I will have already started on it by the time the post loads as I am writing it early and scheduling it to post while I am lounging on a beach on Oahu.

Summer 2017 is going to be my bitch, y'all.

I think I deserve it after making it through this list.

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