Wednesday, May 24, 2017

It's the End of an Era

When Queen B was a freshman and asked if she could have a slip-n-slide party at the house on the last day of school, we had no idea that it would become an annual tradition. But, become a tradition it did.

Today, the Man-Cub hosted our last end-of-school slip-n-slide at the house, and, this may (or may not) have been the event that finally tipped me into "oh, woe is me, mah babies are all grown up!" territory (ok, it totally was). It's hard to say goodbye to an event that has brought so much joy, not just to my children, but to their friends (and me! Don't forget me!).

I have to say, though, they went out with a bang; two out of three inflatable hamster balls were the casualties, but, they were the only casualties, so, our perfect safety record remains intact (thank you, lord!).

The neighborhood is going to be a lot quieter this time next year.

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