Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Favorites: Sweet Tea Cottage Sale Edition

Kortni and I just spent a couple of hours in the presence of one of the sweetest junkers in the world. Miss Pam is my neighbor and she and her husband have done an amazing job renovating and restoring a turn-o-the-century bungalow here in Petticoat Junction; their hard work has elevated the neighborhood.

Twice a year or so, Miss Pam hosts a barn sale out of the re-purposed garage on the property; she sells items that she has picked up across the country during her frequent travels as well as items that she and her husband have built from what she calls "bits and pieces" of traditional farm life. Her creativity is something to be admired, for sure.

In addition to restoring the old house, Miss Pam brought the gardens and flowerbeds on the property back to life. She infused them with her own unique creations and her husband added a pergola made from salvaged windows and barn wood. I am in love with Miss Pam's back yard, not gonna lie.

I didn't pick up much at the sale today, just an old metal mailbox and a hand-crafted chalkboard (you're welcome, Hugh). The chalkboard has already found a home on the narrow wall between our kitchen and dining room, where it provides a clever camouflage for a long-abandoned phone jack. The mailbox is a component of a project that I am planning to have Hugh help me with; it was inspired by a similar project at the cottage, and, I'll share that in a future post.

Of course, my most favorite part of the day was spending time with friends.

Oh, and the wine. Did I mention there was wine?

Totally a favorite.

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