Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Favorites: Snapchat Filter Edition

Like other parents of a certain age, I have been forced to adopt technology in order to stay current, hip, and connected to my children. I was already a pro at Facebook, Instagram and I are old friends, and, of course I text, Facetime, and Tweet (although, not so much on the Tweets, because, truth be told; I dislike the Twitter).

The latest, greatest, technology is, of course, Snapchat. And, people? I am a Snapchattin' fool. I love snapping! I love sending a technologically manipulated image of myself to my friends and family and I especially love one filter in particular.

It's awesome! Giant head? Buggy eyes? Who doesn't love big heads and buggy eyes?!

And, when you record a video, it changes your voice in a most amusing way.

I seriously use this filter for 99.999% of my Snaps, which, has clearly rubbed off on my children.

Also? The family resemblance kills me, every time.

So, thank you, makers of Snapchat. Thank you for creating an app that keeps me in touch with my kids and with my more youthful side. Also, please don't ever get rid of my filter.

I'll cut you. I will.


  1. My friends and i are obsessed with snapchat filters too! We put up almost 10 stories everyday. My favourite is the one that makes your face thinner, i call it the pretty filter!

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