Sunday, September 03, 2017

Trash to Treasure: The Mailbox Birdhouse Edition

You may recall, a few months back, that I wrote about  Kortni and I attending an antique sale held at one of my friend's places.

While we were there, sipping on local wine and checking out the great deals on salvaged items, antiques, local crafts, and refurbished finds, we were also checking out my friend's amazingly creative backyard decor.

One of the items that she had created caught my eye, and, I was determined to replicate it in my own yard, so, I dropped a few bucks on an old mailbox and Kortni came through for me with some old pipe that she had unearthed in her yard while building a fire pit.

With Hugh's assistance (because, I am not to be trusted with equipment consisting of sharp blades nor do I have the slightest idea how one goes about threading a pipe), I managed to come fairly close to my friend's original idea, and, I love the finished project!

I'm just hoping that it attracts a nice bird family and not a slew of asshole wasps. I guess it's time to ask Professor Google how to attract birds to birdhouses. Or, how to prevent wasp infestation.

Either way.

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