Thursday, September 07, 2017

Proof of Life, the Celebrity Edition

You may recall that, when recapping our summer vacation to Hawaii, I mentioned that my mother has a tremendous appreciation for Hawaii 5-0 star, Alex O'Loughlin.

You know, this guy...

(And, by tremendous appreciation, you know I mean huge crush, right? Like youge crush. Monsterous, really. And, I digress )

If you remember, we actually ate in a diner almost exclusively for the fact that we had been told that the show had been known to film there. Of course, we didn't see them, but, my mother made the Man-Cub promise that he would let her know if he ever happened to catch a glimpse of the cast or crew filming while he is attending school.

Well, this happened today...

...and you can bet your bippy that he made sure his grandmother knew about it.

Also, this happened right outside the Man-Cub's campus. Like, he literally has classes a half block away. Hell, we shopped for stuff for his dorm room in that Ross. It could have been us! We could have seen Alex O'Loughlin in the flesh! We were so close!

As an aside, I may share a tiny bit of my mother's appreciation for Mr. O'Loughlin. I mean, come on...

This experience was totally wasted on the Cub. But I sure am glad he shared.

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