Saturday, September 23, 2017


This is the second time that I have used the word "Nineteen" as a title for a post on this blog, which, makes sense considering that this is the second time that a child of mine has turned nineteen.

Yes. Nineteen.

The Man-Cub is 19 today; try wrapping your brain around that one. I mean, it was just yesterday that he came sliding into this world, hand-first and ready to charm. And, charm he does.

I posted a birthday message on Facebook this morning, using black and white photos that the Cub allowed me to take over the years, and, I commented on the fact that, despite my chosen photo medium, the Cub has brought nothing but color to our lives, and, that's no exaggeration; he is nothing if not colorful. And, joyful. And, enthusiastic.

I miss his laughter on the daily. I miss his ability to make me smile and to belly laugh even when I don't particularly feel like laughing. I miss the light that he brings to our household, but, damn, I am so proud of his independence and enthusiasm for life.

Happy birthday, Cub! We love you.

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