Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Welcoming the Fall

In addition to torturing my poor old body with a high mountain hike this weekend, I also strained a few muscles climbing the attic ladder to retrieve my fall porch decorations. I'm not complaining; I think we all know how much I enjoy a fall-decorated porch.

The only new item I purchased this year was a rug, which will allow me to clean the original rug before storing it away until next summer. The new rug was on clearance, which made it super affordable, and, I think it tied the look of the porch together quite nicely.

Now, it's time to host a Porch Night that features heavily on fall-themed drinks and snacks. Since I am still hosting Booster Club meetings, that should be easy enough to accomplish.

What? I hadn't mentioned that I am still participating in Boosters? Yeah. I agreed to one more year, as the Alumni member, replacing our treasurer, who volunteered for a couple of years after her last kiddo left the school. I won't be taking on the treasurer responsibilities, because I'm not a total glutton for punishment, but, I will continue to provide the meeting location.

Speaking of being a glutton for punishment, I did attend Friday night's season opener for the football team. I met BCPE at the game to assist her in selling Split the Pot tickets (one of our best fundraisers), and, it proved to be a more emotional night than I expected; seeing a kid run out onto the football field in a #23 jersey and knowing that it wasn't my son was an experience that I don't plan to put myself through again.

On the bright side, the team did get new uniforms this year, so, it's not like it was really the Man-Cub's jersey out there, but, still.

And, speaking of uniforms, BCPE and I each wore a t-shirt representing our boys' new schools. So, while they weren't there with us, they were there in spirit.

And, Boosters are all about spirit.

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