Saturday, October 07, 2017

My Dogs Are Barking

Today's foray into wedding photography went spectacularly well! I shot over 1500 photos, which, is probably overkill, but, I'm sure to have a few winners in the bunch; I'll know more once they finish downloading onto my computer so I can get a closer look at them.

Queen B was gracious enough to accompany me today, and, honestly, I could not have done it without her help; she kept me sane and focused on the big picture, no pun intended.

We got to the wedding venue at 2:00 and didn't sit down again until we got home a little before 9:00. To say that my feet are tired would be a vast understatement. But, hey! I got in almost 15,000 steps today.

Tomorrow, I am scheduled for a senior photo shoot with Mama Jill and Kenz; it will be the second time that I have taken Kenz out, and, this time, we are headed for the mountains to get some color, not that our first session was without color, but, you know what I mean.

Oh, wait, I never shared the first round; maybe you don't know what I mean. My bad. Here are a few:

Tomorrow's pictures will likely feature heavily on the autumn colors, is what I meant to say.

The trip will also feature heavily on laughter, because I haven't seen Mama Jill in what feels like forever and we have a lot of catching up to do. So, I guess I better get to bed; my feet need a chance to recover so I'll be at my best tomorrow.

My poor old feet.

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