Saturday, October 28, 2017

Stressed? Pissed Off? Emotionally Overwhelmed? Walk It Off

Yesterday's post highlighted one of the more negative aspects of Day Job, and, if I'm being honest, there are a lot of additional negatives to the ol' workplace. But, my awesome co-workers are not among those! I work with amazing people who are dedicated to doing the right thing and who anchor me into the positive, rather than the negative.

Lately, in an effort to achieve my daily 10,000 steps, I have been informally leading my co-workers in a walking club. We schedule a twenty minute walk into every day, switching up our route frequently, but always ending at the church across the street from our office. Once there, we run the stairs, up to ten times, depending on who is along for the walk that day.

Recently, we've had to share stair-space with the pumpkins that the church sells for their autumn fundraiser.

We've also re-engaged with our inner child by choosing to walk in neighborhoods where the leaves from the hundreds-years-old-trees have dumped copious amounts of leaves onto the yards and sidewalks; we take full advantage of kicking, tossing, and rolling in the leaves. Kristi even humored me by making a leaf angel on a day that I was feeling especially irritated by a work situation; it lifted my spirits, immensely.

In one neighborhood, where we like to ogle the older, historical homes, we discovered a lending library that made my inner literary geek squeal with delight. You can bet that we will be returning to that neighborhood.

This past week, as we strolled, we discussed our plans for the winter months, when the sidewalks are not always maintained in a way that will make walking possible; we agreed that the ritual is too important to our combined, and, individual mental health, to skip for an entire season, so; accommodations will be made. We may be wearing football cleats, but, we will persevere! Because walking makes us 90% less bitchy!

Our superiors, clients, and other co-workers will thank us for it.

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