Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Body Count Stands at Three

Today's walk in the park resulted in the discovery of two more "dead" snakes (still not convinced that the Snake Zombie Apocalypse isn't imminent). This time, the discovery(ies) entailed less panic (no need to disentangle myself from tree limbs) and, I'm pretty sure I only screamed once (progress!).

Unfortunately, each snake was larger than the snake that came before it; if the upward trend continues, it will soon be unsafe for me to walk at the park. And, yes, the snakes are still in the 9-12 inch range (and, flat as a pancake, courtesy of whatever car has run them over), but, still; best not to take chances.

So, it looks like the membership that I just renewed at the gym is going to come in handy. Also, if I run across a reptile carcass while running on the treadmill, I am totally suing.

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