Friday, December 29, 2017

Friday Favorites: Christmas Gift Edition

I hate to brag, but, Santa was very good to me this year. And, by Santa, I mean my family members, of course. Not that I don't believe in Santa, but, you know what I mean.


...Hugh gifted me with something that I have wanted for a while, but, would not have purchased for myself; I think that is one of the best kinds of gifts to get.

I have always been interested in my heritage, and, I'm really curious to see what this DNA test turns up for me. I've already mailed off my sample and will be waiting anxiously (for 6-8 weeks) for the results. I really hope the test upholds my Dad's belief that we hailed from Scots. Fingers crossed. And, not just because I love Outlander and would love to discover that there was a little Jaime Fraser-like ginger in my bloodline.

It's also worth mentioning that Hugh also outdid himself on the bling this year.

Further proving that my family knows me best, Mom gifted me with a Soda Stream, so that I can make my own fizzy water, thus saving money on the bottled stuff. Since I replaced my Diet Pepsi addiction with fizzy water, this will actually save more than one might expect.

My sister gave me the neatest insulated wine purse! I didn't even know that such an animal existed, but, you can bet that I will be showing it off to all the Booster Moms; ten bucks says Mama Jill will want one, too.

Queen B went to great lengths to find a gift for me that was both practical and useful and she nailed it. This equipment case is just the right size for all of my spare lenses, plus a full-sized backdrop. It is super durable and will protect the investment that I have made in my photo equipment when I travel. Love it!

And, the Man-Cub painted this small canvas for us in art class at school. It looks so cool behind my Rankin Bass figurines, and, I'll be sorry to pack it away with the rest of the Christmas decorations tomorrow.

And, yes, I said, tomorrow. I've already de-Christmased the porch and I plan to have the indoor decorations completely stored away before the ball drops on New Year's Eve. It'll be the earliest I've ever put Christmas away, but, I'm ready to have my house back.

And, what will I put out in place of the Christmas stuff? Why, winter-inspired decor, naturally. I generally use a lot of mercury glass plus pinecones and silver and blue items; this year, I will be adding silver in the form of these vintage Gorham candlesticks and silver pitcher (which will hold silver candles and faux-iced branches) that I purchased at a local antiques store with money that Oscar and Emily gave me for Christmas. I am a huge sucker for good quality antique silver and these pieces spoke to me.

Hugh would probably have preferred that they had said "Just keep walking", but, you know, it is what it is.


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