Saturday, December 02, 2017

Winter 2017-2018 Bucket List

In a departure from years past, I am going to make a concerted effort not to hate winter. I'm going to really focus on the positives it presents rather than dwelling on the negatives, which, will hopefully fuel a much better experience for my mental health. It'll be an interesting experiment.

1.  Have a laid-back, relaxing holiday season. I'm going to stress less, spend less, obsess over perfection less, and put less pressure on myself. I plan to enjoy the people with whom I surround myself and to have fun.

2.  Spend as much quality time with the Man-Cub as I can before he heads back to the island for his second semester of school. Try not to let anxiety about tuition, fat bastards from North Korea, potential natural and/or man-made disasters, etc., etc., ruin our time together.

3.  Continue on the road to physical health. Walk everyday. Continue to avoid the Demon Sugar. Finally make it into that last stack of clothing; the one in the far reaches of my closet, that I haven't been able to wear for the past two years or more.

4.  Improve my photography and editing skills. Finally master all of the tools available in Lightroom, and launch my official Facebook page.

5.  Make more time and head-space for friends.

6.  Do, or, say, one kind thing for someone/to someone every day.

8.  Find, and tackle, one new challenge each month.

7.  Make it to Spring.

Again, this is a short list, but, given the challenges that winter itself presents to my mental and emotional well being, it's about all that I feel I can successfully manage.

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  1. This is one amazing way to set your goals and making sure that you achieve them. I guess I am gonna follow you and make sure I get some major changes done to my lifestyle.