Wednesday, December 20, 2017

In Which I Put Day Job in the Rear View Mirror...For a Bit

I am officially on vacation from Day Job. Sadly, my work at the hardware store has only just begun; girlfriend needs to get a lot better at keeping up with entering the bookkeeping into the computer (in girlfriend's defense, she had a really busy year, what with graduating the youngest, shipping him off to Hawaii, and adjusting to an empty house).

So, there will be several hours of toil at the hardware before I come back home to meet up with Mom, who should arrive a little later today. Then, there will be one last mad dash at cookie baking (yeah...still not quite done there), present wrapping (see the previous statement...not quite done), grocery shopping (I'm sure the crowds will be minimal at the Hellmouth four days before Christmas, I mean, right? Gah. Poor planning on my part, for sure), house cleaning (I am going to have a full house for the holiday; can't have my family thinking I'm a slovenly housekeeper), and, a location scouting excursion for the epic family photo that I am praying we are able to pull off on Saturday (please, Lord, give us good weather, a cooperative spirit, and that little bit of serendipitous magic that you so frequently bless my photography with, thank you, amen).

In addition to the family photo, I have lofty plans for cookie decorating, gingerbread house making, nap taking, Christmas light viewing, memory making, and other awesome things ending in ing. It will be the first holiday that all of my siblings and their children have spent time together under the same roof since before Dad died, and, we have one whole, brand new person added to the family, so, it's going to be a special time, no matter the weather, the success (or, lack thereof) of my photography efforts, or any other minor change in plans that may occur.

As long as we are together.

That's a great way to spend a vacation.

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