Monday, December 18, 2017

From Our Home to Yours

Can you believe that there are only six days left until Santa squeezes his tubby self down chimneys all over the world? I hope everyone is ready (she said, fully aware that practically no one is ever completely ready).

I never consider myself completely finished until I post our annual Christmas card here on the blog, so I guess I should get with it.

I believe I said that last year's card would be my final card, given the advanced age of my offspring, my depleted inventory of fun and funky ideas for themes, and my increasing laziness, but, since we actually managed to pull it off again this year, I guess I have learned never to say never.

So, Merry Christmas 2017!

Maybe we'll revisit this again in 2018.

And, now, everyone's favorite part: The Outtakes

There was also one photo that was too naughty to post; it showed the Man-Cub doing something that rhymes with crooning and that would have seriously impacted the G rating currently assigned to this family blog. Our censor (that would be me) nixed it. You're welcome.

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