Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday Favorites: Winning!

It's finally Friday! Win!

Since I got all of my year-end book work done at the hardware store last weekend, I don't have to go in for an extra day this weekend! Win!

I won a $100 Target gift card at Day Job by completing the annual No Gain Challenge with a 13 pound weight loss; two of my favorite co-workers also completed the challenge by maintaining their weight, so, they each won a rolling massager. Win and win! (although, I won the best prize, I mean, obviously. Not that I'm competitive or anything.)

I scored this Pier One entertainment center for free because it was left behind when the last tenant of the apartment above the hardware store skipped out on the rent. I'm going to transform it into a shabby chic wine buffet for the dining room and, because I already have the supplies on hand, it's only going to cost me the price of four new drawer pulls. Win!

Let's see...what else...oh, I haven't gnawed my own arm off yet, despite the constant nagging pain it's in due to my rib still being out of place. Win?

Whatever, I get to sleep in tomorrow!


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