Thursday, January 04, 2018

Random Thoughts in This New Year

- Is it Friday yet? No? Why not?

- Part of my "Fabulous by Fifty" goal is going to include hiring the personal trainer at my gym. I'm specifically asking for a program to de-flatten my ass; all those years of sitting in the bleachers have done my derriere no favors, whatsoever.

- Queen B and I need a new show to binge-watch together (well, as "together" as two people can be when separated by 45 miles, geographically).

- I have three DIY projects lined up and waiting for me to get started. All three will require some assistance from Hugh, who, will be abandoning me for the next eight weeks to pursue his wrestling committments. I think I may need to take a few classes at Home Depot; I hate being dependent on other people when I want something done, right now.

- I need to come up with some new flavors for my morning smoothies; I have four or five recipes in rotation currently, but would enjoy some more variety.

- The Man-Cub returns to Hawaii in ten days. Insert sad face, here.

- I really, really, really need a Girl Trip.

- Yesterday, Day Job's annual "No Gain Campaign" challenge ended with a weigh-out; not only did I meet the challenge by not gaining weight, I lost thirteen pounds. I'm entered into a drawing to win $500 along with everyone else in the company who met the challenge, but, I think my name should go in one additional time for every pound lost. I mean, come on! I went over and above! Somehow, I don't think it's going to go that way. Fuckers.

- I need to get to work.

- I am already jonesing for another vacation.

Random picture of the next sign that I am going to make at my friend's next pallet-painting party. Just because.

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