Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Productivity, Thy Name is Chelle

So far, I am rocking 2018! My house was completely de-Christmased before the 2nd day of the year, including proper storage of the tree, which, Hugh was kind enough to remind me, had remained in our way in the garage until March of last year. March! That's crazy-making!

I also have my winter decor up, and, it's making for a very cozy setting in the evening; the cats even appear to feel the intense pull to lounge in the flickering candle glow. Although, I suppose it could be argued that cats will lounge under any conditions.


I spent yesterday getting my oil changed in my car, renewing my gym membership, paying bills, and making a genuinely healthy meal for dinner. As a reward, I poured a glass of wine and soaked in a hot bath for an hour or so.

Today, I am heading back to Day Job, where, I'm confident the productivity will continue. If this keeps up, I'm certain to make 2018 my bitch. And, let's be honest; I'm due.

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