Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Stuff, In No Particular Order

- My shoulder continues to hurt. The rib that had slipped out is back in place, but, the inflammation it caused in the surrounding muscles and tendons appears to have contributed to a pinched nerve, somewhere. I'm experiencing some weakness in my arm, which is frustrating.

- In brighter news, the Man-Cub received notification of his place on the Deans List as well as an invitation to apply for the honors program. We could not be more proud.

- Not to be outdone by my own son (like I care);  I was recently recognized as an expert in my field by state officials. So disturbing.

- The Girls and I have finally, finally made plans for our next getaway; we will be meeting up at a spa in Sante Fe late in February and I can hardly wait.

- These plans almost certainly assure a blizzard of epic proportions will hit the area in late February.

- I should probably get to work; I wouldn't want my co-workers to go without my expertise for any longer than necessary. Bah, ha.

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