Monday, January 01, 2018

Welcome 2018!

This is...different; I'm not currently freezing my ass off on top of Cerro Summit, watching my offspring fling themselves down an icy hill on a tube inflated with hot air and prayers. That's a first for us as we've thrown a New Year's Day sledding party for the past eighteen years.

Currently, I am lazing about in my lounging pants and a cozy cardigan, checking in with the Girls via Facebook Messenger and debating the merits of going into the store today vs. going in tomorrow (I only have a few more months left to get on the computer, go, me!).

If this relaxed attitude is an early indication of my general demeanor for the coming year, I'll take it. But, I have my doubts.

So, rather than making resolutions, which, let's face it, I never manage to keep; I'm going to set goals. I am really rather successful at setting and achieving them, as opposed to embracing those damn, elusive resolutions.

Goal #1, the first-born: Fabulous by Fifty! I'm on my way, having managed to drop a few of those pesky pounds that added up over the course of 2016/2017. I want to lose a bit more, and, tone up and tighten what is left. I'm hoping for my best body by November, when I turn 50. Yes, that's happening. 50. Gah.

Goal, the 2nd: Decide what I want to do with the next half century of my life, professionally speaking. Currently, I am an accidental social worker; I never set out to do the work that I do, and, on a lot of days, it's soul-sucking and depressing. No one needs that in their life. I want to put some conscious thought to what I enjoy doing and try to figure out a way to make a living at it. Staying in a job because it offers decent insurance is just plain stupid. I need less stupid in 2018.

Sir Goal, III: Live a more intentionally fun life. It's a sad fact of life that we have to intentionally look for the things that make us happy, but, I think that's more of the rule than the exception for most people. So, I intend to seek out fun like it's my life's mission. When I can't find fun, I'll freaking make fun. So help me, God.

Goal #4, the baby of the family: Make time for family and friends. I miss my tribe. Time to be more available, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Time for my kids, time for my Girls, time for my relatives, time for my Booster Posse, time for meeting new friends along the way. This will make me a happier person and will provide ample opportunities for meeting Sir Goal, III. Win-win.

In closing, I would like to say, 2017, you were a transformative year for me; you shook me up in ways both good and bad. 2018, you are going to be the year that gathers up the fallout from that transformation and fine-tunes the person that I am going to become. The words that I will be using the most this year are surrender and embrace. I will surrender to change and embrace new directions, I believe, in biblical terms, that means I will Let go and let God.

Clearly, I am in good hands.

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