Friday, November 16, 2018

30 Days of Gratitude, Day Sixteen, Plus Bonus Friday Favorites

Isn't that a ridiculously misleading title? A bonus would imply that you will get something extra from this post, and, full disclosure, here: you're not getting anything at all, let alone a bonus. That's really not the way this blogging thing works around here. I mean, if I could give you something, trust me; I would out-Oprah Oprah (YOU get a car, and YOU get a car!), but, alas, all you're likely to get is eyestrain from reading small type.

I apologize in advance.

But, I'm super grateful for the fact that you do risk eyestrain in order to read here everyday (Hi, Mom!). This little blog of mine (I'm gonna let it shine! Ha! Ear worm!), is my personal place of reflection and historical documentation (I don't know how I would remember what the hell I was doing this time last year if I didn't have it to look back on), and, to have other people interested enough to read it has been a blessing in my life, so; I'll try not to bore you.

And, on to the favorites!

After work today, I agreed to drop a utility payment at the electric company for our finance director at Day Job; the electric company is just slightly out of my way on my journey home, but, a far sight closer than it would be for her to deliver payments, so, I don't mind taking on the chore for her, on occasion.

After I dropped the payment off, I swung into a consignment shop that is located next door. I visit the store once or twice a year and hadn't been there in some time, so, since I was in the neighborhood, I figured, why not take a peek?

I am so glad I did! One entire wall of the store was dedicated to a Dept. 56 Dickens Village display, and, each piece was marked to sell. I picked up three pieces that caught my eye, and, with the 35% discount that I got when I spun the store's awesome discount wheel...

...I ended up paying just $37. For all three items! That's...crazy inexpensive, considering the cost of similar pieces on eBay.

I'm not actually planning to put my village up this year, but, will certainly enjoy these pieces when I do next year.

Another recent favorite is this candle that I picked up at the new Marshall's in Hooterville...

...I purchased it because its' scent reminds me of the pipe tobacco that my Grandpa Nick used to smoke. I tend to remember my Grandpa Nick and Grandma Molly more frequently this time of year, and, that scent certainly took me back to my childhood, when we would spend holidays gathered around their table.

Speaking of the holidays, I picked up some really cute things at the Target Dollar Spot (always a favorite, that ol' Dollar Spot)...

...I am now set on Christmas tags, I have enough place card holders to service twelve guests (I bought several last year, when they were also featured in the Dollar Spot), I can stamp to my hearts content, and it all cost under fifteen bucks.

The suckers were not part of the Dollar Spot deals, but, I'm planning to use them as bribes tomorrow, when I photograph a group of five children for their grandmother, so, they were worth the price ($1.99 each).

Wish me luck.

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