Thursday, November 22, 2018

30 Days of Gratitude, Day Twenty-Two, AKA: The Superbowl of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you and yours have had a wonderful turkey day, assuming that you celebrate Thanksgiving. If not, I still hope you had a tremendously awesome Thursday, regardless.

Our Thanksgiving has been lovely. We started the day with our Bellini taste-testing, and, after consuming two bottles of champagne, one bottle of Prosecco, one carton of pomegranate juice, a package of frozen mangoes, a package of frozen berries, and one whole pomegranate...

...we crowned the ultimate winner...

Pomegranate Bellini- The Official Signature Cocktail of Thanksgiving 2018!

It will also be the drink of choice for Queen B's graduation party in December, which surprised me, given Queen B's love of all things mango. Well, almost all things; she definitely did not care for mango Bellinis.

After the tasting, we moved on to noshing on the charcutteri board that I put together, and, then  started on the turkeys (I picked up the smoked turkey at Oscar's yesterday). While we were eating, I fielded Facetime calls from the Man-Cub, who is struggling with the twenty-six pound turkey that he and the roommates are prepping for their Friendsgiving celebration later tonight.

I talked them through the thawing of the bird yesterday, and, as I'm typing this, I have also had to pause twice to answer additional questions; I'm proud of them for giving the dinner a shot, but, man, I'm a little scared for their welfare.

Anyway, our dinner turned out great! Both birds were tasty, and I will have stuffing left over for days. It goes without saying that I am eternally grateful for the food we are able to put on the table, as well as for the family that gathers together to enjoy it. Thanksgiving is a day to count our blessings, but, in my opinion, every day should be Thanksgiving.

I would pass on the stuffing everyday, though. No need to be a glutton, after all.

Happy Thanksgiving (or, happy random Thursday! Whatever floats your boat)!

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