Tuesday, November 20, 2018

30 Days of Gratitude, Day Twenty

Today I am so grateful for short work weeks; I am officially freed from Day Job until next Monday.

This doesn’t mean I will automatically morph into a lady of leisure, however.  Instead, tomorrow, I will finish my pre-Thanksgiving chores, including the semi-monthly de-hairing of the guest beds.
What? You don’t have to eliminate cat hair from your guest beds prior to actually expecting humans to sleep in them? Huh. Must be nice. I do love my cat, though, so, no complaints (Notice I didn’t mention any love for Hugh’s cat; this was not an accidental omission).

I will also purchase the last of my groceries tomorrow, including the meats and cheeses required for what will be known as the most awesomely epic charcutteri board in the history of charcutteri boards.

 I feel like that should be a proper noun, but am too lazy to go back at capitalize it all.

Once all that running around has been accomplished, I will focus on tidying up the house and cozying up the joint for company (is cozying up a word? Huh. Must be, since SpellCheck didn’t go all batshit judgmental on me).

Speaking of company, due to unforeseen circumstances, Mom, my niece, and nephew-in-law won’t arrive until early Thanksgiving morning, but, Queen B is still set to arrive tomorrow evening, so, I’m planning a super simple dinner of pizza and breadsticks, before drafting her into servitude in the final pre-prep for Thanksgiving dinner, including the making of homemade cranberry sauce and the baking of pies; glasses of wine and foot rubs to follow.

I love Thanksgiving.

And, foot rubs.

And, wine.

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