Friday, November 09, 2018

30 Days of Gratitude, Days Eight and Nine

This morning, I left the house with one leg that was longer than the other; this afternoon, I returned with two equally lengthed legs.



Point is, I am now symmetrical again, and, I am grateful to two people for making that happen.First of all, my co-worker,Shelley,who not only drew my attention to the difference in length of my legs, but, also to the crooked nature of my hips. This happened yesterday, when she stumbled upon me sprawled on the floor of my office, trying in vain to stretch my hip flexors in the hopes that doing so would provide me some relief from the sciatic pain I have been suffering from for the past....I don't know...year or so.

She could have just left it at gently pointing out my issues, but, being a domestic violence advocate, she's far too compassionate to do so, and, instead, she hooked me up with her chiropractor. Oh, she made a lot of jokes about me being crooked, and, suggested that I may be at risk of developing a hump, but, you know, otherwise she was very compassionate.

Anyway, I visited said doctor today, and, following a series of unexpectedly pain-free adjustments and a hell of a lot of cracking and loud popping noises, I am far less off-kilter than I have been in ages. My balance is restored, I'm almost completely without pain (minor soreness; nothing worse than I have experienced following an aggressive massage), and, I feel taller.

I'm scheduled for two more visits, and then the doctor says he feels I'll be "good to go", and, that in the meantime, I am free to continue running on the treadmill, which, should be easier now and far less uncomfortable on my lower body.

I could not be more thankful for the doctor, for my co-worker, and, for feeling as good as I do right now.

This is all very surprising to me, given my previous reluctance to engage in chiropractic services (I thought it was quack medicine, not gonna lie).

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