Saturday, November 03, 2018

30 Days of Gratitude, Day Three

I started feeling a cold coming on earlier this week, and I've been taking steps to prevent it from becoming the full-on plague. So, one of the things that I have been most grateful for this week is Starbucks Medicine Ball, otherwise known as the Cold Buster, otherwise known as the Citrus Defender.

I've been sucking them down like they are going out of style, and, I really do notice an improvement in the way that I'm feeling.

Today, I introduced Queen B to their magic; she's visiting for the weekend and was also feeling a little under the weather, so, we made a Starbucks run together. As a side note, it feels like the holiday cups make their debut earlier and earlier, but, since I am actually anticipating the holidays this year, I am totally willing to give Starbucks a pass.

Just keep the Medicine Balls coming.

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