Monday, November 26, 2018

30 Days of Gratitude, Days Twenty-Five and Twenty-Six

Today I am grateful to my body for having the stamina to get through the past weekend; I don’t take my health lightly and I am thankful that I have had so few health issues in my lifetime.

That stamina certainly came in handy, what with the marathon cooking day on Thursday, the climbing up and down the attic ladder for decorations on Friday and Saturday, my surprise birthday party Friday night, and a second decorating frenzy on Sunday. On the bright side, I am now 90% finished with the hall decking (Queen B will be here Saturday to help hang the ornaments on the tree) and can sit back and enjoy the twinkling of a million tiny lights. And, I’m hardly even sore!

I will, however, need to get back in the gym, if I am to continue to be healthy and to have the stamina that I will need when it comes time to put all of those decorations away, which…let’s not think about that right now; let’s just enjoy the above-mentioned twinkling lights.

And, wine! Let’s also enjoy wine, which, coincidentally, is good for your heart!

Huh. That probably goes a long way in explaining my good health, now that I think about it.

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