Wednesday, November 28, 2018

What's Up Wednesday, 30 Days of Gratitude Edition, Day Twenty-Eight

I am participating in my eighth link up with SheafferMel, and Shay Coincidentally, today is my birthday; the two are unrelated, but, I only get to say that once a year, so, yeah, today is my birthday. How old am I? Well, let's just say that I am now eligible for discounts on meals at Denny's, thanks to my new AARP status.

I totally just threw up in my mouth a little.

What We're Eating

Currently, we are working our way through alll the Thanksgiving leftovers. I hosted again this year, which means that I got custody of the orphaned stuffing by default. No complaints, here. We did take a brief break from All Things Turkey to enjoy dinner at a favorite local restaurant, where I had the pasta primavera with chicken, which was delicious. I've also made Asian turkey wraps recently; they are a favorite of Hugh's and easy on the waistline (we're going to be enjoying a lot of those types of meals in the immediate future, just to undo the Thanksgiving damage).

What I'm Reminiscing About

It's probably too early to reminisce over, but, this past Friday, Hugh and Queen B threw me a surprise birthday party. It was an amazing night and I still can't believe that they pulled it off; I really had no idea. Seeing so many people who I love in one room, for the sole purpose of wishing me a happy birthday was special in ways that I cannot adequately express, but, I attempted to in this post.

What I'm Loving

One of the many gifts I received at my surprise party was this Alex and Ani bracelet from Hugh and the kids. I love it and will be wearing it on repeat.

What I've Been Up To

Once the last crumb of pumpkin pie was polished off and the good china washed and stored away, I busted out the Christmas decorations. I currently have the entire inside of the house decorated, with the exception of the tree (Queen B is coming down on Saturday to help decorate it), I've finished the front porch, and I've planned the decorations for my office door for the company door decorating contest. Long time readers may recall that my three-year winning streak was broken last year, when my co-workers down the hall brought in a ringer, but, this year, I'm confident that I will reclaim my crown.

What I'm Dreading

Well, I'm already kind of dreading putting all of these Christmas decorations back in the attic come January 2nd. It's a lot of work, y'all.

What I'm Working On

Queen B's college graduation is just over two weeks away and I have been working on her graduation party. We are throwing a celebratory luncheon at a hotel near the school immediately following the ceremony, so, pre-planning is going to be especially necessary. Luckily, I will have a lot of help with the execution.

What I'm Excited About

The Man-Cub comes home in twelve days! I'm looking forward to having him back under my roof for awhile. I'm also looking forward to watching him re-acclimate to Colorado temperatures after spending almost five months in Hawaii; that should be entertaining.

What I'm Watching

Our Dish network has been tuned into The Hallmark Channel more often than I care to admit. I'm also catching Christmas classics as often as I can...

...and, just to take the edge of all that saccharine-sweetness, I've made sure to catch the newest episodes of Outlander, the latest episodes of Manifest, and the new season of Midnight, Texas. Apparently, I have eclectic taste in my television viewing.

What I'm Reading

I haven't had a lot of time for reading lately, but, I am partway through Kristin Hannah's Fly Away, which is the sequel to Firefly Lane, which I read last month, or the month before. I'm enjoying it so far, and, Kristin Hannah continues to be my current favorite author.

What I'm Listening To

My car sound system is currently set to Serius XM's Holly Channel, so, when I am in the car, I am rocking the Christmas carols. I don't spend a ton of time in the car, so this is just the right amount of holiday spirit.

What I'm Wearing

I got the cutest dress recently and have received many compliments on it; it's warm enough for the colder weather we've been having and yet light enough that I'm not sweating my ass off indoors, and, the unique plaid pattern has the magical effect of making me look thinner; who doesn't love a magically thinning dress?

I'm also wearing a lot of layers, plaid, and boots. This is my uniform for the winter, and, I'm digging it.

On occasion, I do shake things up, and, these dresses are a fun change.

 I originally purchased them for the Rodeo Princess's wedding (I wasn't sure which color I would like best, but ended up loving both, so I kept them). I have gotten additional use out of them by adding over-the-knee boots and a scarf, making each appropriate for our colder weather.

I'm also wearing allll the Christmas pajamas in my wardrobe, and, friends, I have a lot of Christmas pajamas. This is due to the fact that we have a tradition of opening new holiday pajamas every Christmas Eve and have done so since the kids were babies. I haven't saved every pair I've ever owned, but, I have a large collection, nonetheless.

What I'm Doing This Weekend

As I said earlier, Queen B is coming down for the weekend to help me put the ornaments on the Christmas tree. We will also be decorating her graduation cap and finalizing plans for that graduation party I mentioned earlier.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

Queen B's college graduation! Having both of my kids under my roof! Christmas! I have a lot of things that I want to do as a family for the holidays, but, mostly, I am just looking forward to being together, doing nothing at all, except for soaking in my time with my babies.

Question of the Month: What Are Your Elf on a Shelf Ideas

Since my kids were older when the EOAS fad started, I never had a chance to really dig into the fun. I did purchase elves, however-one for each of my kids-and, I've been collecting outfits and accessories for each of them ever since; one day (far, far from now), when they have kids of their own, they will have a full EOAS collection to start their own tradition with. And, that's the best idea I have: if you are a parent on the "older side" (Throw up. In my mouth), you might consider stocking up for those future grandbabies.

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