Monday, November 19, 2018

30 Days of Gratitude, Days Eighteen and Nineteen

Today I am grateful for having had some downtime over the weekend, because, with the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, I needed to stockpile some rest. That said, I did manage to completely purge and reorganize my laundry room, which, hadn’t happened in…oh…half a decade or thereabouts, so, that was an accomplishment for which I am still celebrating.

As an aside, when did my life get so boring that an organized laundry room actually warrants a celebration? Adulthood sucks, y’all. Although, on the bright side…I am legally allowed to partake of wine and other alcoholic beverages, so…tradeoff.

Anyhoodle, today, I am back at Day Job, where I will juggle my numerous work responsibilities while mentally preparing for my Thanksgiving feast, the elements of which I still have to shop for, prep, and, in the case of the vegetable side dish, actually decide upon (green bean casserole? Broccoli cheese rice? Creamed corn? Maple glazed carrots?*). Thankfully, I have Wednesday off, and, will utilize at least part of the day to accomplish those chores while awaiting the arrival of Mom, my niece, and her new husband, who will be spending the holiday with us.

Oscar and Emily will also be joining us for dinner, which, brings our party to eight. Generally, I would have purchased a 20-22 pound bird to serve that many guests, but, since we already had two turkeys in the freezer (Hugh received them from the police department last year, one at Thanksgiving and another at Christmas), I have been spared that expense.

While each bird is on the smaller side, when combined, they make up the weight of the larger bird that I would have purchased, and, rather than roasting both birds, I have instead entrusted the smaller one to Oscar for smoking.

By that I mean; Oscar is going to smoke the bird in his smoker. He’s not going to smoke the bird like a cigarette; in case you were concerned. Although, since I do reside in Colorado, you may have been more concerned that I meant he was smoking it like marijuana.

Go ahead, make that joke; I’ll wait. We’re used to the pot jokes, and, before you ask; no, I won’t bake you a brownie.

And, as is often the case, I totally digress.

In addition to the turkey double-feature and sides, I will also be serving a selection of Champagne Bellinis as a taste-testing for the signature drink at Queen B’s upcoming graduation celebration. I know I can count on the girls in my family to help us decide which will be the best: Peach, mango, pomegranate, strawberry, or cranberry. Hell, maybe we will create our very own combination; the sky’s the limit! See above: Alcohol: Perk of being an adult.

**While composing this post, I conducted an informal text survey of the family and it looks like creamed corn is this year’s preferred veggie side dish by a landslide. Dilemma solved.

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