Monday, August 05, 2019

The Weekend That Was

After enduring Friday's photo shoot of my digestive system, I was in no mood to do much more than laze about the house. Unfortunately for me, responsible adulthood affords no such luxury and, I found myself spending most of Saturday cleaning the house, doing laundry that I have put off for weeks (the dog bed, because, good Lord! The hair!), and, hitting my hands and knees to hand-wash the wood floors, which, was desperately needed.

I also pulled the tablecloths and chair covers that Carmen needed for this weekend's wedding out of storage, and, redecorated the mantel in my living room. It was a pretty productive day.

Later that evening, Hugh and I attended the local corn festival, although, since it has moved to a new venue in Hooterville, it was less local than it used to be; this is not a change that I am on board with. I did give it the benefit of the doubt, and, since Hugh had done the overnight security on the venue on Friday night, we had VIP tickets, which meant that we got to sit at tables right in front of the main stage, had all-we-could-drink bar access (to flat beer and warm box wine, yippee), and a dinner that was comprised of smoked chicken, pulled pork, beans, coleslaw, and a roll (again, yippee). The featured entertainment was country singer Craig Campbell, and, if you just said "Who?", I am right there with you; I think I recognized one of his original songs. He did a fairly decent job of covering other artists, so, there is that, I guess. At least we had good seats.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day at the hardware store, but, then, had the chance to spend some quality time with Phoebe, who spent the night with us due to an unfortunate accident that her family had while at a swim meet in a community an hour or so to the south of us (everyone was ok, but they were down a vehicle, and, Phoebe had a flight to catch out of Hooterville first thing this morning, so, she needed an assist, which I was more than happy to provide).

Today, I am back to work, and, with a training to conduct in Neighboring City on Tuesday and Wednesday, the rehearsal dinner on Friday, and the wedding on Saturday, it's shaping up to be an eventful (and busy) week.

You know how I often say that I would rather be busy than bored? Yeah...this week will be a really good test of that statement.

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