Thursday, August 08, 2019

Thursday, Already?

It is, right? Thursday, I mean; for the first hour of this day, I was under the impression that it was Wednesday and it took a spirited argument with the news weatherman to convince me otherwise (for the record, the argument, while quite spirited, was also one-sided, and, it's probably a blessing that no one else was awake to hear the crazy woman arguing with the television screen).

I'm sure the fact that I spent the past two days conducting a training in Neighboring City has something to do with my disorientation; any diversion from my regular schedule can be a challenge to my perception of reality, apparently.

Anyhoodle, today I am back at the office, back on schedule, and back to knowing exactly what day it is and what I am supposed to be doing. More or less.

I have a full day of work facing me as well as a hair appointment this evening. At some point, I need to organize my camera equipment for tomorrow's rehearsal dinner and the wedding on Saturday, and, I need to set aside some quiet time to wrap my head around the fact that the Man-Cub flies back to Hawaii on Monday morning; I feel like I've barely seen him this summer, so, not gonna lie; that one's going to take some work.

Now I'm depressed. Great.

I'll leave you with this picture of one of my succulents in bloom. I have never raised succulents before and had no idea that they bloomed; I guess if a plant that manages to survive in crappy, dry soil, with hardly any attention at all can bloom with such beauty, I can find a way to overcome a little sadness.

Please ignore the phallic-like cactus erupting from the flowerpot in the background; that was some really poor photo composition on my part.

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