Monday, August 12, 2019

It Happened! It Finally Happened!

What happened, you ask? A day at the freakin' pool happened! Finally! After an entire summer of wishin' and hopin' and plannin' and failing! It happened!

It could not have come at a better time, either; my week was long, busy, physically and emotionally taxing, and, quite frankly, exhausting, so, to be able to relax in and around the water was a Godsend. The fact that I got to do it with my whole family was especially sweet.

So, how did it all go down? Hugh, Queen B, the Man-Cub and I, exhausted from two days of wedding festivities (more about the wedding itself in an upcoming post!), found ourselves with nothing scheduled on Sunday. We were all tired, sore (well, that was mostly me; twelve hours on my feet, toting heavy camera equipment takes a toll), and in need of a reprieve from the heat and humidity of Petticoat Junction. So, we loaded up the car and headed for the mountains, to a small town known for its natural hot springs.

We stopped for brunch on the way, finally arriving at the pool a bit before noon. The weather was perfect, with the sky alternating between bright sunshine and cool cloud cover, with just a sprinkling of refreshing rain.

The hot springs features several pools, each with a different temperature, so we were free to switch between super hot and bracingly cool, dependent on our whims. We spent the better part of the day soaking, relaxing, and enjoying being alone together for the first time all summer, which, since the Cub was scheduled to fly back to Hawaii this morning, was really important to us.

When we were done swimming, we headed to the historic downtown area and wandered around in the shops before driving through Hooterville, where we met Oscar and Emily for dinner at the local Chinese restaurant.

Today, I am also a lot less sore than I would be if we hadn't soaked in the hot mineral springs, and, since I had to put my baby on a jet plane at 5:00 this morning, being as pain-free and relaxed as I could possibly be was necessary (and, yes, I miss him already). And, since a day by the pool featured on every Bucket List I made for the past three months, I was ridiculously happy to put a big fat check mark next to it today.

I wouldn't turn down another opportunity to spend another day by a pool if one should materialize before the official end of summer, though.

Just sayin'.

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