Tuesday, August 13, 2019

We Are Framily!


(plural framilies)

  • (slang) A group of friends who are close like a family
Blend of friend and family

This is the definition that I found online, and, while it may accurately define the word, it fails miserably to capture the emotion involved in doing life with people who are as close to you as blood kin, minus the DNA.

Who could have known, when I first met Jana, almost 21 years ago, that we would forge a bond that would not only endure, but flourish into a lifelong connection between two families? That we would spend years together, sharing adventures, supporting one another through challenges, raising five kids who come as close to being siblings as could be? 

Not me.

But, this I do know: in this life, there are people who we are meant to find. Maybe we knew them in some other life, on some other plane of existence, whether in heaven or on Earth, maybe we are only meant to know them here; the details are unimportant. What truly matters is that we find our tribe; that we connect to the souls who are meant to complete us. For my family, that is Jana and Company.

It's been a pleasure and a privlege to watch our babies grow up together, and, I cannot wait to watch them all as they continue to grow, to change, and to evolve into the people whom they have always been meant to be. 

Our framily grew by one this weekend, and, God willing, it will continue to grow as the years pass by (My money is on Kaley Bug and her young man being the next to the altar). I can't think of anyone I would rather watch that happen with than my Jana Bobanna.

We are framily, indeed.

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