Sunday, December 15, 2019

I Am Doggedly Determined to Have a Great Holiday

Just how doggedly determined? I took my dog to Petco for a picture with Santa, determined. That's...well, it's rather insane, actually, but, that is beside the point. The point is, I am determined that every member of my family feel the holiday spirit this year, including the furry ones.

Also, if you had told me that getting a dog to sit next to Santa would be harder than wrestling two overly tired, hungry, and cranky toddlers to do it, I wouldn't have believed you...until yesterday.

The effort required the purchase of a new squeaky ball, which I used to draw Boomer's attention to the camera (somewhat successfully), and, that will be going in his Christmas stocking.

Aaaaand, my transformation into Crazy Dog Parent is complete.

But, damnit, we're all going to look back on the Christmas of 2019 as The Greatest Christmas, EVER, so say I (and, Clark W. Griswold; I'm hoping for less chaos and zero police involvement. We'll see how that goes).

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