Sunday, December 08, 2019

Misfit Junquers

Yesterday, I spent a relaxing day with friends, doing what we enjoy most: junkin'!

Our first stop was the bi-annual sale hosted by the same group of vendors who put on the Pickin at the Pea sale that we all love so much. They call this particular event The Land of Misfit Junquers, and, as with Pickin' at the Pea, half the fun of attending the sale is seeing all of the unique displays that the vendors come up with for purely decorative purposes (as an aside, if even half the junk they use in the displays was for sale, they would make a fortune, sadly, 'tis not the case).

I would have offered up a kidney for this antique sleigh...if it were for sale

After getting our fill of crazy Christmas crapscapes (new word, coined by the vendors!), we wandered down the road to a nearby town, where we hit a small antique mall, before doubling back toward Petticoat Junction, stopping at a few additional antique stores and junk shops along the way.

It was in one of the junk shops that I found my first treasures for the day; new pieces for my Dept. 56 Dickens Village (four pieces for $45! Less than a quarter of regular retail price, and, three out of the four are retired!).

Then, at the last antique store we visited, I picked up vintage holiday records, including these adorable 45's, in gift envelopes, dated 1949. They are really unique and they still work!

It was a fun way to spend the day, but, it didn't end there; The Lesbians treated me to a belated birthday dinner at one of Hooterville's nicest restaurants, after which I treated them to a night at the local community theater, where we saw the play A 1940's Radio Play Broadcast of A Christmas Carol.

It was a really good play; a non-traditional telling of a traditional story, and, we all enjoyed it, immensely.

All in all it was a great way to spend one of the last weekends before Christmas. Now, I just need to figure out where the hell I'm going to put my new village pieces; I was so excited by the deal I got; I didn't think about that particular detail...

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