Wednesday, December 18, 2019

What's Up Wednesday, December 2019 Edition

One week until Christmas! This time next week, we will be safe in the bosom of kith and kin (National Lampoons shout-out, y'all!) and celebrating in true style, God willing. If I am being honest, I am nowhere near ready for the holiday; I have yet to finish my shopping, not one gift has been wrapped, and, the list of additional things I have left to do is as long as my arm. I'm sure I'll get there.

That said, I can't believe this is the last What's Up Wednesday of the year! 2019 has gone by in a flash, and, I'm just two weeks away from having to train myself to write the date on checks without hearing Lester Holt's voice saying "This is 20/20" in my head.

First World problems! And, moving on! Today, I am linking up with Sheaffer and Shay, to bring you a final peek into my life in the year 2019.

What We're Eating

I have to admit that I have fallen completely off the wagon when it comes to eating a decent diet. I could make excuses for it, I could hang my head in shame, but, is too short for that nonsense. It's Christmas! I'm going to enjoy the season and allll of the deliciousness that comes along with it.

What I'm Reminiscing About

Who doesn't reminisce about Christmases past during this spectacular time of the year? Some of my fondest memories are from the Christmases of my childhood, and, lucky for me, I have the chance to relive those memories next week, when we head to Mom's for the holiday. Not only will I reminisce, but, I fully intend to revel in all of our favorite family traditions, as well.

What I'm Loving

Hugh has upped our yard decorating game this year, with the purchase of several vintage blow molds in various designs.

They represent a variety of types and are from several different decades and I love them all. Hugh has also taken on the challenge of fulfilling my life-long wish to own a blow mold Santa's sleigh and eight tiny reindeer, which he fully intends to suspend in the air between our house and a large tree in the yard. Only six more reindeer to go!

What I've Been Up To

Queen B and I attended Petticoat Junction's annual Parade of Lights...

...Hugh and I attended the annual Sheriff's Possee Banquet, and, drove around Hooterville, looking at all the pretty lights...

...some friends and I attended the local community theater's production of A Christmas Carol...

...and we had an absolutely amazing meal, complete with good wine.

What I'm Dreading

Getting back on track at the gym next month, when I have to undo all of the damage I am currently doing to my body with the above-mentioned laissez faire attitude about my diet.

What I'm Working On

Well, we've clearly established that I am not working on the chores related to Christmas. I am, however, working on a new opportunity that I am hoping to be able to discuss more after the first of the year. Ewwww, vague blogging, I hate it when people do that, but, I also don't want to jinx myself, so...

What I'm Excited About

The Man-Cub comes home tomorrow!!!! I can't even express how excited I am to have my boy back under my roof! We have so much planned for the three weeks that he is home and I can't wait to get started!

I've missed this kid!

What I'm Watching

Not gonna lie; there have been some Hallmark movies on my screen. I've also watched my all-time favorite Christmas movie...

...and a high-adrenaline, action-packed movie featuring the comedic talents of Ryan Reynolds (he's also easy on the eyes, just sayin')...

What I'm Reading

I've only had time for two books so far this month, and, they are as different from one another as can be, but, I enjoyed them both.

From Amazon: No matter what you see, no matter what you’ve heard, assume nothing.
Adam and Sophie Warner and their three-year-old daughter are vacationing in Washington State’s Hood Canal for Memorial Day weekend. It’s the perfect getaway to unplug—and to calm an uneasy marriage. But on Adam’s first day out on the water, he sees Sophie abducted by a stranger. A hundred yards from shore, Adam can’t save her. And Sophie disappears.
In a nearby cabin is another couple, Kristen and Connor Moss. Unfortunately, beyond what they’ve heard in the news, they’re in the dark when it comes to Sophie’s disappearance. For Adam, at least there’s comfort in knowing that Mason County detective Lee Husemann is an old friend of his. She’ll do everything she can to help. She must.
But as Adam’s paranoia about his missing wife escalates, Lee puts together the pieces of a puzzle. The lives of the two couples are converging in unpredictable ways, and the picture is unsettling. Lee suspects that not everyone is telling the truth about what they know—or they have yet to reveal all the lies they’ve hidden from the strangers they married.

From Amazon: White Oaks Inn has always been at the heart of Christmas celebrations for Scarlett Bailey and her family. Her adored gran has owned the rambling, old-fashioned hotel, filled with the scent of cinnamon and chocolate, since Scarlett was a little girl. But now her gran’s home is under threat. And it looks like it could be the Baileys’ last Christmas together there…

Over the holiday season, amidst much-loved festive traditions of baking cookies and decorating the tree, Scarlett throws herself into saving the hotel. When she hears that Charlie Bryant, a handsome, successful property developer, is spending December in Silver Falls, Scarlett is hopeful he might be the answer to their problems.

When they meet, sparks fly between impulsive Scarlett and business-like Charlie – as they both have very different ideas for the future of White Oaks. Scarlett is determined to show him how much White Oaks Inn means to her family and the guests who return there every year and, as they spend more time together, she begins to realize there is more to Charlie than his serious appearance…

What I'm Listening To

I've been listening to Christmas albums on repeat. In the past month or so, I've found several old Christmas vinyls in antique stores, barn sales, and at The Salvation Army, and, it's been nice to listen to them as I contemplate wrapping presents.

What I'm Wearing

Two words: Stretchy Pants.

What I'm Doing This Weekend

It's the Home Stretch of Holiday shopping! I plan to take the Man-Cub to Neighboring City for a full day of gift buying. I'm sure he'll be thrilled.

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month

New beginnings!

And, that's it for today!

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  1. So much festive fun! I’m glad I’m not the only one being indulgent this Christmas LOL. The struggle is real., merry Christmas!