Tuesday, December 17, 2019

If It Weren't for Procrastination, I'd Have No Nation at All

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Christmas Eve is exactly one week from today. One week.

Currently, I am 5% done with my shopping and 0% done with my wrapping.

With one week to go. A week in which I also have a full time job and a part time gig that each require my attention, a household to run, and a wayward son to welcome back into my home for for purposes of spoiling with tasty food, fun events, and basic mother-level smothering with affection.

I'm a busy woman, y'all.

And, lazy, which, isn't like me at all. At least, not during this time of year, when I am generally a whirling dervish of motion, activity, and, dare I say; productivity.

Not so much this year, apparently.

Instead, I am easily distracted by sappy movies, Christmas music, shiny objects hanging from the tree, and a dog who requires scratches and chin rubs.

I really need to get it together....eh, I'll get to it tomorrow.

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