Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Halloween Care Package 2019

The Man-Cub got his Halloween care package today, and, I got to "experience" him opening it while on the phone with him. He was seriously excited about the general theme of the package...

... and, couldn't stop raving about how much he loves the contents, which, followed the theme pretty well, if I do say so, myself. I chose this particular theme because there is nothing scarier to me than the realization that my baby is now a legal drinker.


I topped the contents off with some artificial spiderweb and a rubber bat, which provided both insulation for the breakable items inside the box and additional Halloween decorating supplies, in the event that the Cub wants to decorate for the holiday, which, let's get real; this is my son we're talking about.

Halloween is in our blood (I have the DNA to prove it).

In the box:
Pennywise coffee cup
Ouija Board shot glasses
Skull Beer Bong (Yes, really)
Halloween beer koozies
Vanilla Bean Latte mix
Werther's Caramel Apple Caramels
Little Debbie's Fall Snack Cakes
Trolli Sour Gummies
Monster Trail Mix
Decorative Caution Tape and Elm Street decorative sign
Motion-activated Jason (plays the classic Friday the 13th ch,ch,ch,ch,hah.hah.hah.hah sounds)
Ouija planchette bottle opener
Jeepers Creepers DVD set

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