Saturday, December 26, 2020

25 Days of Christmas, Day 24: Christmas Eve Rewind

 Aaaand, I still haven't gotten around to posting my holiday home tour. 

I am blaming 2020, as one does.

I did, however, have a truly awesome, amazing, relaxing, and joyful Christmas, so, at least 2020 didn't screw that up completely, oh, it tried; thank you very little, Migraine Headache of Christmas Eve, 2020, but, all in all, the Christmas Spirit prevailed! The celebration started with a Christmas Eve prime rib dinner (once my migraine meds had fully kicked in), with Hugh, Mom, Queen B, the Man-Cub, the Man-Cub's girlfriend (who is really going to need a pseudonym on this here blog), and the Rodeo Princess all in attendance. 

Actually, the party really started a bit earlier, when Mom and I participated in a viral bell-ringing event that we had been invited to participate in via social media. It basically involved the two of us freezing our nethers off on the front porch, shaking Christmas bells and screaming "Merry Christmas, everybody!" at the top of our lungs while laughing hysterically and desperately trying not to wet our pants. Then we ate dinner.

After dinner, we loaded up the Tahoe and set out to deliver gift cards to the houses that Hugh, Mom, and I had chosen as award winners during our tour of the town following the light parade earlier in the month. Then, we headed to Hooterville to look at the lights on the city's official home tour. We made a pit-stop at the home of my massage therapist, dropping off a gift card there as well (her lights were the bomb!).

Once we got back to Petticoat Junction, Mom busted out her popcorn ball recipe and taught the kids how to make popcorn ball syrup. Obviously, my kids and the Rodeo Princess knew how to form the balls once they were coated with the syrup, but, the process was new to the Cub's girlfriend, who, quickly learned how to form a ball that was not too packed, not too crumbly, and just the right size for holiday snacking. She really enjoyed it, and, carrying on Dad's tradition was important to us all. 

After the popcorn balls were done, we popped Christmas Vacation into the DVD player and set about decorating gingerbread houses (one house, one dog house this year!), while wearing the new pajamas that we opened while the popcorn balls were cooling.

Finally, we called it a night. The kids went to bed while I stuffed the stockings and soaked up the peace and solitude of the late hours of Christmas Eve (my favorite night of the year).

Up next: Christmas day!

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