Wednesday, December 30, 2020

What's Up Wednesday, December 2020 Edition


I don't believe that there is an official link-up this month, but, I'm no quitter, so; I am finishing off 2020 with this final What's Up Wednesday post, regardless.

What We're Eating

This month has been one endless bout of gluttony and I'm too lazy to drum up the energy to be mad about it. Between all the Christmas goodies, take-out dinners, Mom's home cooking, and my general lack of self-control; I have managed to eat myself into a new pants size. I mean, I'm assuming; I haven't bothered to try wearing anything but stretch-pants all month, so, there is an off-chance that my jeans still fit.


Anyhoodle, cookies, anyone?


Massive charcuterie board with allll the cheese?

Hot cocoa liberally laced with peppermint schnapps?

And, this is why my jeans won't fit.

What I'm Reminiscing About

This week, I am reminiscing about what it felt like to have a vacation from work and not be constantly on edge, waiting for the phone to ring. I'm also fondly remembering how it felt to fully relax and enjoy my time off. Those were the days.

What I'm Loving

I fully enjoyed having Mom here for the past six weeks. We had the chance to do a lot of baking together...

...drove around looking at Christmas lights..

...watched every Hallmark movie on all three Hallmark Channels, plus It's a Wonderful Life...

...and enjoyed each other's company, immensely.

When she left this past Sunday, I was seriously bummed. I now have to make my own coffee every morning. Pray for me.

What I've Been Up To

Celebrating Christmas with my family. It was a great day and I enjoyed spending it with my people.

What I'm Working On

The accounting software that we have used at the hardware store for the past 40 years finally shit the bed, so; I am putting the entire year on QuickBooks. Have I mentioned that I hate 2020?

What I'm Dreading

January at New Job is going to be a marathon of grant reporting. The deadline for the majority of the reporting is January 15th, which means a solid week of scrambling to get the data in and the reports submitted. I also have all of the Christmas decorations to put away and the previously mentioned QuickBooks work to do at the hardware store. I am dreading January, is my point.

What I'm Excited About

The shortest day of the year is officially behind us, which means the days are already starting to get longer. At this point, that is the most excitement I can drum up.

What We're Watching

I am so completely over the Hallmark Channel, y'all. I think I may have to block it for a few months. In the meantime, we are watching serial killer documentaries and shows about abandoned cities on the SyFy Channel. As one does in the week following Christmas. Also, I binge watched Bridgerton in one day; Hallmark movie, it is not.

What I'm Reading

Once again this month, I have had no time or energy for pleasure reading. Books have fallen so far down on my priority list this year, they are practically non-existent in my life. As a lifelong reader, this makes me very sad. I'm gonna go ahead and blame 2020 for this, too.

What I'm Listening To

I spent a lot of time listening to Christmas carols this month. I'm now ready to dial up my running playlist on my iPod, because, this bitch has got to get her ass back in the gym. Pronto.

What I'm Wearing

Two words: Stretchy. Pants. I've been combining them with cute boots and seasonal scarves in an effort to draw attention away from my rapidly spreading ass and to look festive. You know, like I actually care about how I look.

What We're Doing This Weekend

I would love to say that we are celebrating the New Year because we are so excited about it being a fresh, new, amazing, and joyful new year, full of promise, but, 2020 has me so jaded; I'm not ready to give 2021 the benefit of the doubt quite yet. What we will be doing instead is recovering from Kaley's wedding, which is happening on the 1st. I'm photographing it, the Man-Cub is in charge of videography, Queen B is a bridesmaid, and Hugh will no doubt be tapped to provide manpower for set-up and clean-up, so; I'm sure we will all need some rest.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

Like I said, I'm not ready to give 2021 the benefit of the doubt, so, I'm girding myself for the first month of another challenging year. I guess, if I'm looking forward to anything, it's to a time when I can actually look forward to something.

What do you say, 2021? Throw me a bone, here.

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