Thursday, December 17, 2020

25 Days of Christmas, Days 14-17: Holiday Link-up

 Well, I've managed to post about 10% more so far this month, so, while the 25 Days writing prompt hasn't exactly set my literary world on fire, at least it has created some motivation. My motivation today is the Monthly Musings link-up party with Holly and Patty; I am growing to love link-ups because I am discovering new blogs to read as well as feeling like I actually have something to say.

Anyhoodle, on to the post!

Christmas Traditions

We have a slew of Christmas traditions, and, while a lot of the things we would be doing have been Covid Cancelled, we still have a lot to look forward to, including our annual gingerbread house decorating party on Christmas Eve, popcorn ball making, cookie baking, and driving the neighborhood to look at lights.

Gingerbread Houses circa 2019

We don't celebrate Hanukkah, but our Jewish friends always make it look like so much fun.

Holiday Plans

We are planning a quiet Christmas this year. Mom has been with us since before Thanksgiving, and the Man-Cub finally got home yesterday (Yay!). Queen B and the Rodeo Princess will both be with us as well, and, Hugh's parents will join us for Christmas dinner. On Christmas Eve, we will open our new holiday pajamas (a tradition that I failed to mention above) and will eat a prime rib dinner. On Christmas morning, we will open presents, eat brunch, and relax until we serve a traditional ham dinner later that night. I am looking forward to it being a relaxed day.

Favorite Recipe

I don't tend to cook by recipe; most of my best dishes have been ingrained into my muscle memory over time and I no longer require a recipe. Baking, however, is a different story since I don't do it as frequently. This is a recipe for molasses crinkle cookies, which, is the recipe my friends and family most request from me.

Most looking forward to in 2021

I am most looking forward to the world returning to normal. Is that even a possibility anymore? I don't know. If it is, however, and if things do become less horrible, I am looking forward to finally taking Queen B to Greece for her belated graduation trip.

Gift Wrapping, Love or Hate

Both? I have to be in the mood! Give me some good Christmas music, a glass of wine, and a decent chunk of time in which I don't feel rushed or harried and I am good to go. Otherwise? No thank you.

Holiday Meal

As I mentioned above, we will start the holiday off with prime rib on Christmas Eve, followed by brunch on Christmas morning and a traditional ham dinner on Christmas night. We eat really, really well on Christmas!

Gift Opening

We open one present on Christmas Eve, and it is always new pajamas. We started that tradition when Queen B was an infant and it stuck. I make sure that anyone who spends Christmas Eve with us gets pajamas, period. No exceptions. The rest of our gifts are opened on Christmas day. My parents toyed with opening gifts on Christmas Eve one year when we were kids and we all hated it. Never again. 

2019 Christmas pajamas

New Year's Eve Plans

We don't have any big party plans this year, thank you very much Covid. We will, however, be attending the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for Kaley's wedding. Unless Covid rears it's ugly head and that, too, gets cancelled. Man, I hope not.

Word for 2021

I have chosen a word for the year only a handful of times in the past, but, if there was ever a year for one, 2021 would be it. So, I'm choosing two words: Self Care. I have been less than good to myself in 2020. My new job is extremely stressful without a pandemic; with it, it has been a nightmare. In 2021, I am going to return to taking care of my body, mind, and soul. It's time.


  1. Those molasses crinkle cookies look so yummy, thanks for sharing!!

  2. Love your traditions and love your PJs! Yes to getting back to normal in 2021- I’m keeping the faith! Thanks for linking up :)

  3. I sure hope the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner don't get canceled either; that sounds so fun!! Heck any plans outside of the home sound so fun.

  4. Love your traditions and love the Christmas jammies! YES to getting back to normal in 2021! Thanks for linking up :)