Saturday, December 26, 2020

25 Days of Christmas, Day 25: Christmas Day

 I miss a lot of things about having small kids; rising before dawn to see if Santa has come is actually one of them. Does that surprise you? Yes? Clearly, you don't know me at all.

Anyhoodle, this Christmas morning started at the hour of 7:00, when I got up to have coffee with Mom while waiting for Hugh and the kids to wake up. It was a peaceful way to start the day, but, as I said; I kind of missed the chaos and commotion of excited kids, clamoring for presents and flinging wrapping paper hither and yon.

Once they were up (several hours later), we took our time unwrapping gifts and sipping mimosas and bloody Marys while brunch cooked (cheesy ham and egg casserole and a french toast strata that was to die for).

The remainder of the day was spent napping, eating (so. much. FOOD!), watching classic Christmas movies, admiring the holiday puzzle that Queen B had put together on Christmas Eve while waiting for everyone to arrive, and visiting with friends and family from near and afar (thank you, social media!).

Oscar and Emily arrived in the evening for dinner (ham, no slaving over a turkey for this girl this year!) and more movie watching and drinking, after which, we all turned in.

It was a blessedly uncomplicated day and I feel blessed to have been able to spend it with the people that I love. 2020 has definitely been a bummer of a year, and, there were times when I doubted that we would be able to be together, so, I am beyond grateful.

Beyond. Grateful.

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