Sunday, December 20, 2020

25 Days of Christmas, Days 19 & 20: Christmas Cookie Interruptus

 Yesterday, I finally summoned up the excitement to decorate the cut sugar cookies that I baked a few weeks ago; it was harder to summon than usual because I knew Queen B could not join us (fuck you, coronavirus), and decorating cookies is one of her favorite holiday activities.

The Man-Cub, his girlfriend, the Rodeo Princess, and her roommates were able to join us, however, so, I put on a happy face, busted out the Kitchenaid, mixing bowls, decorating bags, and I got started on the frosting.

Side note: the smell of buttercream frosting churning away in the mixer is perhaps the most intoxicating smell of the holidays, and, with all of the amazing scents of the season, that's saying a lot.

Once the frosting was read to go, the crew prepared themselves to deliver their most creative designs, which, is when it occurred to me that I could put together a to-go kit for Queen B, which the Rodeo Princess could deliver, contact-free, for her to decorate while quarantined. Genius!

It was also around this time-as I was snapping pictures of the cookie progress-when my phone rang and I was called out for an emergency at work.

Because, of course I was.

At least I got a few shots to commemorate the day...

By the time I got home, several hours later, the cookies were finished and had been stored away, and, the mess was completely cleaned up (thank you, Mom!). 

Plus, Queen B had already received her cookie kit (she LOVED it!) and gotten all of her cookies decorated...

Her cookies sum up my feelings about 2020 quite succinctly.

In a lot of ways, it was a sucky day, but, in the more important ways, it was awesome. The Rodeo Princess's friends had never decorated cookies before, nor had the Man-Cub's girlfriend, so, it was an experience that they won't soon forget. 

And, you know, we haz cookies!

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