Friday, December 31, 2021

2021: The Year in Review

Oh, 2021, we had such high hopes for you! You were supposed to erase our memories of the horrible, no good, very bad year that came before you. That's a lot of pressure to put on a brand new year, so I will cut you some slack when it comes to the less-than-stellar parts.

As a whole, you weren't too terrible, but I am still more than happy to show you the door. I hope your replacement makes a better showing. Fingers crossed!


We started off the New Year the way we have started off many, many others; with Chris, Jana, and the gang. The difference this year was that, instead of watching the kids sledding down a snowy hill, we watched them cruise down a church aisle. That's right, miss Kaley got herself married on New Year's day. I still think she picked that day solely to save herself from having to don winter gear and an inflated tube, but that's just my theory. Anyhoodle, she made a beautiful bride.

The following week, the Man-Cub headed back to school, leaving behind a sad group at the airport, including his sister and his girlfriend. Ok, and his mother. 


Queen B and I traveled to a nearby city to celebrate the impending arrival of her God Baby, who was due in March. The baby shower was lovely and we thoroughly enjoyed each other on the trip.

Later in the month, Queen B turned 25, and, not only did we celebrate that, but we threw a surprise party for the occasion, which, was also a combined going away party for her and The Rodeo Princess, since they had made the decision to relocate to Texas.


Said relocation to Texas took place this month, leaving my empty nest more empty than in all the years before. It was about this time that I got serious about addressing my hormonal imbalance, which had been causing me no small amount of physical and mental distress. I made an appointment at a functional medicine practice and crossed my fingers.


I stood up for Kristi and Erin at their wedding! It was such a nice ceremony and I could not be happier for my friends. And, thus, The Lesbians became The Newlyweds!

I started on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

And Hugh and I sold the house in Neighboring City. It made sense; the girls had moved and Mikey was looking for a place of his own. To say we got a great deal on the sale would be a vast understatement, so the timing was perfection. 

We immediately sunk some of our house profits into a deposit on a vacation rental in Hawaii, for the Cub's graduation in December.

Meanwhile, in Texas, the girls were experiencing their first tornado warning; they rode it out in the bathtub, as one does. 


The Man-Cub came home for the summer and, by home, I mean to Neighboring City, where he went back to work to save money for his final semester. We got to see him on random weekends throughout the summer, which was nice.

I spent a lot of time on the porch and at the local park, enjoying nature and working on my mental well-being. It should be noted that, by this point, I was doing much better at Not So New Job, where I finally felt more knowledgeable and less overwhelmed.


The Girls finally got together for our first Girls Weekend since early 2019! We didn't go far; just up the road to Neighboring City, but, it doesn't matter where we are as long as we are together.

Hugh and I hopped on a plane and flew to Texas to spend a week with Queen B and the Rodeo Princess. We road tripped from their house to Waco, where we visited the Magnolia Silos, spent a day in downtown Dallas, and explored the town they live in. It was a great trip and went a long way in assuring us that they are doing well. And, they are! Queen B is the happiest and healthiest that I have seen her in quite some time, so the move was definitely right for her.


We celebrated America's Independence Day in the mountains with The Newlyweds. Hugh taught them everything they needed to know about their 4-wheeler and then sat back in awe as I trailered mine solo for the first time. As a side note, my 4-wheeler is named John Dutton. For obvious reasons.

At the end of the month, we went to Mayberry for Stampede. Several of my aunts and uncles were also in attendance, which was nice. We got to spend some time with my Aunt Pat, who would pass away, unexpectedly, later in the year. Cherish every moment with the people you love; you never know when it will be your last.


Hugh and I joined The Newlyweds and another couple on a camping trip. We spent several days 4-wheeling, star-gazing, nature walking, and enjoying each other's cooking. We don't get our motor home out often since the kids left home, so it was a nice reminder of how much fun she can be.

Also this month, we attended the newly revived Petticoat Junction Sweet Corn Festival, where the Boomer Dog took center stage and small town 'Murica prevailed.

The Man-Cub headed back to Hawaii for his final semester, taking his adorable girlfriend along with him. Hugh and I handled it like champions (not our first rodeo), while her parents were, um...less enthusiastic. I'm sure they recovered, eventually.

For the first time, ever, I joined Hugh on one of his wrestling road trips. We went to Las Vegas for a tournament, and I got to relax for a few days with another official's wife while the menfolk worked. We did the zipline on Freemont Street, ate some really great food, and saw the absolute dregs of humanity, which reminded me of why I don't really love Vegas. Still, poolside drinks for the win!


Hugh and I celebrated our 28th anniversary at the ski resort in a neighboring town. We rode the gondola, had dinner, and enjoyed the scenic drive. It was a nice way to celebrate.

The Man-Cub turned 23 on the 23rd, making it his Golden Birthday, which we celebrated by sending him and his girlfriend on a tour of the Jurassic Park set in Hawaii. They loved it.

I also hosted a kick-ass barn dance for Not So New Job, which raised dang near $40,000 once all the dust settled.

Unfortunately this month, despite being completely vaccinated, Mom came down with Covid and had to be hospitalized, which was not a good time, at all.


I hosted the first annual Broomstick Bash on the Porch, which was a lot of fun. 

My Halloween decorations were on point, including the skeleton display.

Queen B flew home on Halloween to surprise me.


Aunt Pat died from complications from the Covid booster. Damned if you do, damned if you don't, apparently. Also, fuck you, Covid; I am sick to death of you.

Emily also ended up in the hospital with Covid, but she recovered rapidly. The hospitalization uncovered a heart issue that was present prior to the illness, which was the only blessing to come from the ordeal. Emily is now under the care of a cardiologist and will be having a pacemaker inserted at some point in the new year. We celebrated our gratitude for her recovery at a small Thanksgiving dinner.


The Man-Cub graduated! And we managed to get five of us to the island for the celebration.

We also did a fun Christmas card photo shoot on the beach. The card wouldn't go out until after the holiday (for the first time in all the years that I have sent out cards), but it was worth it.

We spent Christmas in Mayberry with the entire family. Not sure when we'll be able to manage that again, so it as incredibly special.

We have no real plans for New Year's Eve. Hugh was in Florida this week for a tournament, and, thanks to issues in the airline industry (Covid. It was Covid), his flight home was cancelled, which resulted in him flying to Texas, where he is currently awaiting a flight home. Theoretically, he will make it back before the ball drops tonight, but I am not holding my breath. Our usual partners in crime (Chris and Jana) are not going to be able to join us this year, and, I have no interest in going out. So, it should be a very quiet transition from 21 to 22 in these parts. I'm at peace with that.

I'm also trying to be at peace with the unknown that is 2022, because, as 20 and 21 taught us; you can't predict what fresh hell the year will bring. Might as well expect the worst and hope for the best.

As one does.

Anyhoodle, I wish you and yours a blessed and peaceful New Year.

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  1. I was asleep at 7:30 last night. I'm so sorry for all the things you lost in 2021, especially your aunt. 2022 has GOT TO be better, right?!?!?