Wednesday, December 29, 2021

What's Up Wednesday: December 2021 Edition


It's hard to believe that this is the last What's Up Wednesday of 2021; this year definitely went by a lot faster than The Year That Shall Not Be Named did, or, so it seems. It was also a slightly less challenging, albeit still somewhat annoying, year and I am most certainly looking forward to 2022 being even less challenging as well as less annoying (fingers crossed and alllll the prayers said). I won't say that I think we will return to normal in 2022, but that's just because I think normal has become a relative term.

Anyhoodle, while I don't believe there is an official link-up this month, I'm a stickler for routine, so, here we go with the writing prompts.

What We're Eating This Week

I am determined to get back to a healthier diet, and, with the holiday behind us, now is as good a time as ever. I'm planning to lean heavily into vegetables, lean protein, and fresh fruits. I gave up sugar back in September, so at least I don't have to slay that dragon again.

What I'm Reminiscing About

It's hard not to reminisce about our recent trip to Hawaii. I haven't even finished writing posts about it yet, so I'll have plenty of opportunity to revisit our adventures.

What I'm Loving

We spent the Christmas weekend in Mayberry with Mom and my sisters and their families. It was nice to see everyone. We started a new tradition on Christmas Eve; we held our First Annual Christmas Cocktail Competition. I made a drink that I found on Pinterest; it featured Midori, Triple Sec, and club soda and was called a Grinch. Spoiler: It did not win. Queen B also made a drink called a Grinch and she cleaned my clock. I'm really going to have to up my game for next year.

What I've Been Up To

I've been enjoying having the Man-Cub back on the mainland. I would say I'm enjoying having him home, but he mostly stays with his girlfriend, so he isn't really back under my roof. Except when he needs to do laundry. Or, raid the pantry. Huh. It is just like having him home.

What I'm Working On

We are technically closed for the week at Not So New Job, so I am doing very little "working". This is barring any sort of emergency, of course. Since we had an emergency that I had to deal with by phone on Christmas Eve; I am really hoping that the week is quiet. I grow weary of crisis work, y'all.

What I'm Dreading

If I say "going back to work in the New Year", would anyone be surprised?

What I'm Excited About

I honestly have nothing to be excited about. This depresses me, greatly. I would love to say that I am excited about the prospect of a brand new year, but, yeahhhhh. I think we can all agree that 2020 and 2021 have cautioned us against optimism. On the other hand, if we set the bar super low, there may be room for improvement.

Time will tell.

What I'm Watching

My tastes are pretty eclectic. Currently, I am enjoying science fiction, comedy, and drama in the form of The Witcher, Emily in Paris, and 1883.

What I'm Reading

I am almost finished with Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone. I'm enjoying it quite a bit.

What I'm Listening To

Boomer Dog is snoring at my feet as I type this. Does that count as something I'm listening to?

What I'm Wearing

One word: pajamas. All day, every day for the next five days. No regrets.

What I'm Doing This Weekend

Hugh is in Florida for a wrestling tournament. He's supposed to make it back by New Year's Eve, but we currently have no plans. Jana has had some medical procedures done the past few weeks, and she is still recovering, so the chance of ringing in the new year with her and Chris is slim. After all these years, that makes me really sad, but, her recovery is far more important.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

I really need to come up with a plan or some goals or something. This having nothing to look forward to is really quite depressing. I'm open to suggestions!

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  1. I too blogged WUW because I am also a stickler for tradition. Yes, we need to creep quietly into 2022, look around, and pray it's better than the previous years. Low expectations are good. I hope you find something to look forward to soon.