Saturday, December 18, 2021

All's Well That Ends Well, Especially When It Ends in a House on the Beach

As I've previously written, our journey to Hawaii was not without its challenges, but, in the end, we all made it and we had a wonderful time.

Despite my trepidation surrounding the cost of the rental house in Kailua, it ended up being the best money that we have spent on a vacation, period. The house was large enough for us, including a bathroom in every bedroom, space to spread out throughout the house, and a kitchen that has forever set the bar for the Kitchen of My Dreams. The cabinets space! The counter space! The commercial-sized fridge! It was a chef's wet dream and I enjoyed cooking in it. In fact, we only ate at one restaurant the entire time we were on the island and I never complained, once.

We were greeted with a welcome basket that held several of the island's gourmet treats, as well as a sweet note, welcoming us to the house.

The house was only steps from the beach and had a ton of outdoor entertaining space for us to use as well, although, since Kailua is on the windward side of the island, we didn't use the space quite the way I had envisioned us doing. That was just fine; the indoor entertaining space was plenty sufficient for the Cub's graduation party (post on graduation coming soon).

I didn't take many pictures of all of the bedrooms and bathrooms, but, trust me when I say; they were gorgeous. We all commented on how comfortable the beds were, too. In fact, we made note of the pillows and bedding manufacturers, so that we can order sets for home. They are pricey, but, I hadn't slept that well, that many nights in a row, in years. If we can come even a tiny bit close to recreating that at home, it's worth the price.

In addition to having every convenience possible, the house also came equipped with a garage fully stocked with beach toys, chairs, coolers, and another full-sized fridge for beer and soft drinks. They truly did think of everything.

The only minor complain that we had with the house was the spotty wifi. I had planned to post a few times during our trip but the internet connection was so slow, it was impossible to do. Other than that, this house was perfection, and, as I said earlier, worth every (considerable) penny.

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  1. Oh, I'm THRILLED to hear that the house was perfection! I want to go there!!!