Thursday, December 30, 2021

Holiday Home Tour 2021: Better Late Than Never

When I  planned our trip to Hawaii and our visit to Mayberry, I knew that it would impact my desire to decorate the house for Christmas, after all, if we weren't going to be home for the holiday, why go to all the trouble of hauling down the boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations from the attic?

Hugh was scandalized when I told him my plan for a scaled-down theme and insisted on going all-out on the yard, at the very least. So, we did. Hugh hung my growing collection of large vintage -inspired bulbs, set out my ever-expanding collection of blow molds, and strung together that awesome giant popcorn garland. He outdid himself and I have no complaints.

Meanwhile, inside the house, I stuck to my original plan; I scaled down, dramatically. No village, no Rankin Bass figurine display, no lighted banister, no dancing Santa, and no large tree.

I did manage to set up the orphan tree and I even decorated it. A little. Ok, a very little, but, still. The house still felt cozy and I have the benefit of knowing that, come January 1st, I will have it dismantled in record time.

I could get used to that.

Oh, I won't.

But I could.

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