Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Biting Off More Than I Can Chew

Sometimes I feel like Superwoman; like I can tackle any set of chores and finish them off without breaking a sweat. This is not one of those times.

I've got quite a bit on plate for this week and I am feeling fairly overwhelmed by it all. Today, for instance, I have to do the following:

-Fill out paperwork for the rental of the local Community Center for an upcoming ASTRA initiation ceremony.

-Attend my woman's club meeting where I need to plead for volunteers to provide sweet treats for that initiation ceremony.

-Purchase and print certificates for the initiation ceremony.

-Install a Lifeline in the home of a woman for whom it has become necessary.

-Attend The Teenager's volleyball game where I am scheduled to work in the Booster Booth, selling t-shirts. This should actually be fun since today's game is the annual Breast Cancer Awareness game at which our usual Pirate wear is supplemented with pink logo shirts, the proceeds of which go to support the fight against breast cancer.

-Somehow manage to sell pink boobie t-shirts while watching The Teenager play volleyball and selling tickets for a chance to hold the scissors when three of her teammates each surrender eight inches of hair to be made into wigs for cancer survivors.

-Connect with four other volleyball moms to plan the team lunch that we volunteered to provide for the girls during this weekend's away game.

And, that's just today.

The rest of the week will see me:

- Driving to Neighboring City to shop at Sam's Club for food for the above-mentioned team lunch and initiation (as well as for the team dinner that Hugh and I are hosting on the 17th).

- Attending the Man-Cub's final football game of the season.

-Meeting with representatives of Josten's to order The Teenager's class ring (Already!? Didn't I just take away her pacifier?)

-Signing the necessary paperwork for the Man-Cub to start basketball next week.

-Traveling two and a half hours away for volleyball and actually pulling off that team lunch (Saturday).

-Coordinating and hosting the initiation ceremony (Sunday).

None of which seems all that intimidating now that I have written it down.


Maybe I can do this after all. Now, where did I put that cape....

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  1. YOU CAN DO IT! I feel certain... as long as you find your cape in time! ;)