Friday, October 21, 2011

This Post is Not About the Cat, I Swear

The kids got out of school at noon yesterday and are out all day, today. When they were younger and I was working at Old Job, this would have meant additional daycare costs and fretting over what everyone was doing while I was at work. Now and days, however, it means that, with the exception of an hour or two that the Man-Cub and I will spend at the store,  I am home with my babies, making plans for the rest of our weekend and resting on the couch.

I'm very blessed.

Speaking of plans for the weekend, barring any unforeseen complications, we will be visiting the local pumpkin patch/corn maze for an afternoon of family fun. We are also planning to take a trip to Neighboring City to have the wits scared out of us at a haunted house; the same haunted house that we visited last year. Well, not the same haunted house, that would be boring, but; a haunted house sponsored by the same group as the house last year.


One interesting change from last year will be the size of our party; The Crush will be accompanying us on one- or both- of our adventures as The Teenager has recently upgraded his status from crush to "Boyfriend", just don't say that in front of Hugh  (Or, do; what's one more bloody body in a house of horrors, after all?).

I'm sure we will have a good time.

What else? Let's see.. (really trying to avoid extraneous cat updates, here).. The Teenager's last volleyball game of the season was last night; they won. This weekend, I will wash her uniform and she will turn it in to the school but, not before I get a picture of her wearing it beside her brother who, not exactly coincidentally, will be wearing the same number (11) on his new basketball jersey.

Then, the Cub's basketball games start Tuesday so, I need not worry about jeopardizing the perfect shape of my Bleacher Butt prior to The Teenager starting club volleyball in January  (I wonder what the odds of her being assigned the number 11 jersey are?).

As an aside, all that cheerleading that I did in High School is really starting to pay off so, that was time well spent, obviously.

And, That's all I've got.

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